Straightening Wire

Straightening wires; It is a product used in the construction of fences, refrigerator cages, stands, shelves, bathroom accessories, laundry dryers, shopping trolleys, pet cages and other manufacturing works. Cold drawn wires, hot dipped galvanised wires and annealed wires are cut to the desired length and diameter in the straightening machine and produced in pieces or kilograms.

sıcal daldırma galvanizli tel

Straightening Wire

Depending on customer demand, straightening wire production is available from three types of wire.

  • Drawn Straightening Wire
  • Galvanised Straightening Wire
  • Annealed Straightening Wire
Feature Size/type
Raw material Soğuk çekilmiş tel, sıcak daldırma galvanizli veya tavlı tel
Wire Diameter 2,00 – 6,00 mm
Size 10 – 600 cm
Packaging 100 - 200 pieces in bundles

Wide Product Range

Our company continues to serve domestic and foreign markets by continuously expanding its product range according to international standards, uncompromising quality production, and a reliable management approach.
IMC GALVANISED WIRE SAN. TIC. A.S., in addition to the products it supplies to the domestic market, contributes to the country's economy by exporting to many African countries and Europe, especially the Middle East, and continues its continuous development.

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