imc galvaniz yönetim kurulu başkanı

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dear stakeholders and valuable employees,

As IMC family, we aim to produce, work and keep the productivity of our employees at the highest level. Since our establishment, we maintain our unconditional trust understanding and quality and continue to proudly announce the name of our company by continuously improving our unlimited service understanding that we offer to our customers.

The most important feature that makes us who we are is the continuity of our honest and reliable business ethics and the value we give to our employees with the strength of our deep-rooted past. With this value, the belonging of our employees to our company has always carried us to success.

"IMC" With the strength we take from our name, we continue our tradition of IMeCe cooperation, we continue to add value to the economy with our work, with the value we give to people; We continue to maintain our understanding of environmentally sensitive quality production by giving importance to human health and occupational safety, and we aim to be a world brand by striving to be the best in our business in all areas. We do not forget that the most important value that we have learnt from our elders and that has brought us to this day is humility. As it is known;

"Humility ennobles a man."

"Without justice, governance is useless; without generosity, wealth is useless; without humility, advancement is useless."

Our greatest heritage and treasure is our young people, our advice to young people is to save money and to know the value of what they have and to shape their future as individuals who are beneficial to humanity and society.