• IMC Galvanised Wire Aan. A.Ş. to perform the activities carried out with the participation and effort of all our employees carefully, disciplined, planned, error-free and on time,
  • o comply with the requirements of the quality management system by taking into account environmental factors and occupational safety rules and to ensure continuous improvement,
  • To be the leading company in the wire and nail manufacturing sector by keeping our quality standards at the highest values and fulfilling the legal requirements,
  • It is the most important duty of all of us to reach total quality in the most economical, fastest and shortest way and to gain and maintain the trust of our customers by ensuring their satisfaction.
  • To ensure the protection of the environment and the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources in all our activities as IMC galvanised wire san.tic.a.ş.
  • To take necessary measures regarding environmental pollution, to implement the management system for the protection of air, water and soil quality in line with legal requirements.
  • In line with the zero waste management system in waste management, to prevent waste at the source, to manage recyclable, hazardous waste and other wastes in the best way, to ensure proper collection and disposal of waste.
  • To comply with environmental standards, national and international laws, regulations and directives.
  • Our environmental policy is to continuously improve our environmental management system with the participation of all employees, to improve system performance and to achieve environmental targets.
  • IMC Galvanised Wire San. Tic. A.Ş. within the framework of the is0 50001 energy management system it is implementing;
  • To use energy efficiently in all our production and processes, to purchase appropriate products and services to improve energy performance and to support designs to improve energy performance,
  • To specify the activities and equipment that have a significant impact on energy use and to take the necessary measures,
  • To comply with the legal requirements related to energy, to fulfil the requirements of national and international legislation and standards,
  • Ensuring adequate supply of energy, setting targets to mitigate energy risks and reviewing the realisation of these targets,
  • To continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the energy management system and to make it environmentally and economically sustainable,
  • It undertakes to carry out all necessary work to be an exemplary organisation by managing our activities in an integrated manner with our management systems in order to increase the awareness of employees and society on natural resource consumption and energy efficiency.
  • IMC Galvanised Wire San. Tic. A.Ş., to take necessary precautions against possible risks and dangers in our business by raising awareness of our employees in all our activities and to try to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  • To create healthy and safe working environments for our employees by performing all activities related to occupational safety in the best way,
  • to comply with occupational safety standards, national and international laws, regulations and directives
  • Our occupational health and safety policy is to continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system with the participation of all employees, to improve system performance and to achieve occupational health and safety targets.

Wide Product Range

Our company continues to serve domestic and foreign markets by continuously expanding its product range according to international standards, uncompromising quality production, and a reliable management approach.
IMC GALVANISED WIRE SAN. TIC. A.S., in addition to the products it supplies to the domestic market, contributes to the country's economy by exporting to many African countries and Europe, especially the Middle East, and continues its continuous development.

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